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Effective Protection—in a Few Simple Steps.

REVOLUTION® (selamectin) is easy to apply—and who wouldn’t rather use a topical medication than deal with oral preventives with cats! Giving REVOLUTION each month provides five-in-one protection from fleas, heartworms, roundworms, hookworms and ear mites.*

Hold tube upright and press the cap down until you hear the click of the cap puncturing the applicator seal. Remove cap and make sure tip of tube is open.

Part the fur at the base of your cat’s neck and place the tube on visible skin area. Squeeze tube three or four times in one spot until empty.

While keeping tube squeezed, drag it away from the liquid and lift up to remove. Ensure tube is empty. Discard tube with your regular household garbage.

Repeat steps 1–3 in 30 days. To avoid missed doses, sign up for reminders »

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